Why Forest School?

Research shows us that children are natural risk takers using their play to test their limits and help them to deal with new and challenging situations. If they are not provided with suitably stimulating play then they will take risks in an uncontrolled way.

Education Scotland in their report on Outdoor Learning found that “the multi sensory element enabled knowledge and skills to be better retained. Being outside appealed to different learning styles and was therefore more motivating and led to better learning. These all led to increased self confidence and self belief, better ability to work and co-operate with others.”

“Happy and confident pupils are more effective learners” NFER (National Foundation for Educational Research) report “Engaging and Learning with the Outdoors”. These benefits are most felt when pupils are involved in regular sessions. For more research see FSE and Wild Learning.

The activities included in Forest School sessions enable pupils to develop the logical, reflective and creative thinking that is vital for the development of higher order thinking skills.