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Forest School

Forest School provides a rich and stimulating environment with activities that are carefully managed to include an element of challenge and help children to develop awareness of risk and the skills and confidence to manage risk.

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What we do at Forest School

Sessions and Costs

Forest School sessions are built around the needs of individual groups but will typically involve


The skills pupils learn can link to all aspects of the curriculum.

Schools do not need a large woodland in order to run Forest School however access to a wooded area makes for a richer learning environment.

I am a fully qualified Level III Forest School Practitioner and an experienced mainstream and SEN Teacher.

It includes challenging play which helps them to develop physical fitness, emotional resilience and social skills.

Based in Kent, I provide Forest School sessions for mainstream and SEN pupils. I also provide CPD training for adults.

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Typical Costs

2 hour Forest School for 30 mainstream pupils with Teacher and TA in attendance £3.86 per child

2 hour SEN specific Forest School for 15 children with class TAs support

£7.70 per child